The Institute for Applied Space Research is conducting research on a new generation of communications satellites systems that will play an important role in the development of a global high data rate communications infrastructure. Since these satellite capabilities can be brought to bear anywhere within the coverage area, and the costs are largely independent of location, the modern communications satellite systems can offer high bit rate communications capability that is especially useful for distance learning projects in both developing and non-developing areas.

In order to participate effectively and prominently in this endeavor, and in other important technological developments related to space, The George Washington University has established itself as a major center of research and development the field of space communications. Specifically, the SACRI is dedicated to the following objectives:

Engaging in multidisciplinary research, engineering, and technology development in the field of space applications, particularly in satellite communications and remote sensing
Providing the opportunity for faculty and students of The George Washington University to participate in system-level research and technology development in space applications.
Entering into mutually beneficial relationships with government research centers, industrial organizations, and other universities for the commercial exploitation of space related research and development
Participating in the commercial programs of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, including the Centers for the commercial Development of Space.


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